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Crane Control Switch Series

New Products

New Products

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our sales team and distributors consist of Local whole sellers, brand shops and worldwide offices provide close and cooperate contact with end users and valued customers, supporting by CRM, net and after sales Services.

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R & D Solution

Research and Development Engineer Responsibilities:Meeting with business management, marketing, and the R&D team to discuss product ideas.Conducting market research and evaluating similar products …

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Display Panels

The Primary Display Panel:The primary display panel, also known as the principal display panel or PDP, is the area on the packaging design reserved for the brand identity and all of the primary communication elements…

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About Us

 Isfahan Switch Manufacturing CompanyISWITCH, with an aspiring team of employees, mainly engineers, assembling individuals, quality assurance team & warehousing plus sales team is a national market leader in the manufacturing & supplying various types of push-button switch, micro switch & indicators as well as control box switches & precision equipment. The company also sets the standard in the measurement of electrical & mechanical requirements in 2006, ISWITCH is today a strong & reliable partner of all requirements of switches & indicators industry.



ISWITCH Plan Since 2006

ISWITCH Company is an Iran-based company that manufactures and sells various types of electrical and electromechanical devices, such as push buttons, signal indicators, micro switches, meters, and control box switches, as well as miniature circuit breakers, residual current circuit breakers, and insulated terminals, among other products. These instruments come supplied with standardized current or voltage output signals, interfaces, and protocols for various business fields. The company’s products have international and national quality certificates and ensure both high levels of flexibility and performance. ISWITCH Company’s team consists of experienced engineers, sales experts, and quality assurance professionals.


Elements of Teamwork

It’s no secret that teamwork is vitally important to your business’s success. A great team can accomplish any project and meet any goal. As a leader within your company, you’ll need to not only build a great team for your company, but you’ll need to mediate, motivate and monitor that team as well to ensure that everyone is working as a unit and contributing to a common goal.

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